I want to SELL my autograph. What now?

We need a little information. A good, clear scan of the autograph, photo, letter…is a must. If it is a letter of more than one page, we need to view all pages. It’s always a good idea to send as many images as you feel describe what you are selling. For the techno-savvy, we recommend images be in .jpg format and at least 200-300 KB in size. Image clarity is important. Please also include a sentence or three on what we are viewing.

NEXT, tell us your asking price? We will either accept or make a counter offer. Autograph dealers do not purchase material at retail, fair-market, value. We have overhead just like you! Once we agree on price, we require that you mail the original item to us by U.S. Postal Service, registered mail (so both of us have tracking info). Unless you are an established client with whom we have done business, we do require that you mail your autograph. Please allow us 7-10 business days to respond. We then will send you $$$ or return your autograph to you registered mail (at our expense).