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Wynn, Ed (1886 – 1966)

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Popular comedic actor of stage, screen, radio and television.

Wynn began his showbiz career at age 13 by joining a traveling medicine show. Wynn went on to achieve fame in vaudeville. His father, who disapproved of his son’s choice of a profession, urged him to change his name lest he bring shame on the family. Appeared in 25 films and nearly 50 TV episodes. Host of “The Ed Wynn Show” (1949). Acclaimed as the “perfect fool” for his fluttery voice, vulnerable, bumbling, prattle and manner. He achieved special notoriety in the early days of television as the Texaco Sky Chief. More of a clown than comedian, Wynn brought vaudeville to television in its waning days. Oscar nominee. Rare 14”x11” sepia – tone, matte – finish Vandamm studio portrait of the clown, inscribed, signed and dated 1934. To Mother, from Sonny Ed, Ed Wynn, 1934. In excellent condition. Bears the studio blind stamp in the lower right corner and their mark on the reverse. Vandamm Studio was the leading theatrical photographic studio in New York City from the 1930s through the 1950s. This is a classic, four – star Hollywood portrait of a great comedic actor. Sadly, he is only known to younger audiences for his voice – over work in Disney films.

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