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WOOD, LEONARD (1860-1927)

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United States Army major general, physician, and public official. He served as the Chief of Staff of the United States Army, Military Governor of Cuba, and Governor General of the Philippines. He began his military career as an army doctor on the frontier, where he received the Medal of Honor. During the Spanish–American War, he commanded the Rough Riders, with Theodore Roosevelt as his second-in-command. Wood was bypassed for a major command in World War I, but then became a prominent Republican Party leader and a leading candidate for the 1920 presidential nomination (lost to Warren Harding).

TLS – Typewritten Letter Signed, one page, 17 July 1920. Addressed to journalist-author Mark Sullivan (1874-1952). Superb content letter about the 1920 presidential campaign. One handwritten correction by Wood. Very boldly signed. One of the best Wood letters we have ever offered. In part reads: …The Democrats had a real convention. Ours was more or less of a fake in that it fell into the hands of the capal early in the game and was simply an instrumentality through which a definite purpose was to be accomplished…”

MARK SULLIVAN was a celebrated journalist and syndicated political columnist. Author of the six-volume, 3,740-page Our Times: The United States, 1900–1925 (1926–1935), he was described as a “giant of American journalism” and the “Jeremiah of the United States Press”.

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