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Wiesel, Elie (1928-2016)

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Romanian – born novelist and human rights activist. In 1986 Wiesel received the Nobel Peace Prize for his work as a messenger to mankind.

Signature on a Loyola University Chicago program, 1999. Accompanied by a handsome, color, lithoprint portrait of Wiesel from an original photograph by Yousef Karsh of Ottawa.

Wiesel’s life has been devoted to writing and speaking about the Holocaust, with the aim of ensuring that it is never forgotten. He was one of the principal forces behind establishing the Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, DC. His first novel, Night (1956), was first published in Yiddish, and is based on his experiences in the death camps. Other novels include Dawn (1961) and Jews of Silence (1967). He has authored plays, retellings of biblical stories, and Hasidic tales.

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