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TURPIN, BEN (1869-1940)

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American comedian and actor perhaps best remembered for his work in silent films.

SIG – Vintage signature on a small card, adding Best Wishes. Sufficient room for matting with quality black/white 8″x10″ glossy image included in your purchase. Turpin’s signature is somewhat uncommon. Signed checks go for upwards of $500.

Turpin’s trademarks were his cross-eyed appearance and adeptness at vigorous physical comedy. A sometimes vaudeville performer, he was discovered for film while working as the janitor for Essanay Studios in Chicago. Turpin went on to work with notable performers such as Charlie Chaplin and Laurel and Hardy, and was part of the Mack Sennett studio team. When sound came to films, Turpin chose to retire, having invested profitably in real estate, although he did occasional cameos.

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