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PIKE, Bishop James (1913-69)

Price: $75.00


Pike was a Coadjutor Bishop of the California Episcopal Diocese. Celebrated author. Lost and died on a journey in the Middle East.

ISP – Inscribed Signed Photograph, 8″x10″ black/white glossy. Reverse bears photographer’s stamp:  Elson-Alexandre, Los Angeles.  Fine and desirable.

Pike’s outspoken and, to some, heretical views on many theological and social issues made him one of the most controversial public figures of his time. He was an early proponent of the ordination of women, racial desegregation, and the acceptance of LGBT people within mainline churches. Pike was the fifth Bishop of California. Late in his life he explored psychic experimentation in an effort to contact his recently deceased son (authoring a book “The Other Side: An Account of My Experiences With Psychic Phenomena” (2008). Nota bene:  we also have a signed copy of this book. Please inquire.

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