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NOE, Virgilio Cardinal (1922-2011)

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Italian cardinal; secretary of the Sacred Congregation for Divine Worship; Master of Ceremonial of the Papal Household.

ANS – On his official imprinted biglietto, Cardinal Noe sends greetings to a gentleman.  Dated and signed 12 July 1975.

On the “true meaning of liturgy,” Cardinal Noe observed “…it renders glory to God. Liturgy must be carried out always and no matter what with decorum: even a sign of the Cross poorly made is synonymous with scorn and sloppiness.  Alas…after Vatican II it was believed that everything, or nearly, was permitted. Now it is necessary to recover, and in a hurry, the sense of the sacred in the arts celebrandi, before the smoke of Satan completely pervades the whole Church.  Thanks be to God, we have Pope Benedict XVI: his Mass and his liturgical style are an example of correctness and dignity…” (TM02/2018)

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