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MUNI, Paul (1895 – 1967)

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Austrian – born American actor of stage and screen.

SIG – Vintage signature on small card. Accompanied by a vintage 8″x10″ sepia – tone glossy character still from We Are Not Alone.

Began acting on Broadway in 1926. Three years later, Muni was signed to Fox and received an Oscar – nomination for his first film, The Valiant. Unhappy with the roles then being offered, Muni returned to roadway. Three years later he returned to Hollywood to star in such harrowing pre – code films as Scarface and I Am A Fugitive From A Chain Gang. The acclaim he received as a result of the latter performance led to a Warner Bros. contract. He received his second Oscar nomination for Best Actor for his performance as James Allen, but lost to Charles Laughton in The Private Life of Henry VIII. Muni eventually won a long – overdue Oscar for his performance in the biographical drama The Story of Louis Pasteur. In 1946, Muni again appeared on Broadway in A Flag Is Born, refusing, along with co – stars Celia Adler and Marlon Brando, to accept compensation above the Actor’s Equity minimum wage because of his commitment to the cause of creating a Jewish State in Israel.

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