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EISENHOWER, Mamie Doud (1896-1979)

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First Lady of the United States from 1953-61; spouse of Dwight D. Eisenhower.

TLS – Typewritten Letter Signed, one page, April 1963, written from Palm Desert, CA.  Letter exhibits light toning and isolated faint spotting, well away from typewritten text or signature. Accompanied by a 10″x8″ b/w heavy-weight, matte-finish, studio image of Mrs. Eisenhower with Rosaslind Russell and Jack Warner.  On the set of Gypsy.  Letter reads:  Dear Rosalind: We finally found a night when we could get together to see Gypsy.  I certainly do appreciate your remembering to ask Mr. Warner to send the film.  Sunday night we went to the Odlum Ranch for an early supper and then viewed the movie. We all liked it very much and, of course, in my mind’s eye I remembered so vividly the scene with the haystack and cow and little June.  It seems incredible that the many retakes we saw could appear such a short time on the screen.  Uncle Joel saw the film in Boone and was very enthusiastic about it.  It was nice to see you several times since we have been on the desert. I heard that Lance was here the other day and I am sorry I didn’t have an opportunity to meet him.  He was gone before I knew he had arrived!  We are leaving Sunday for home and I must say we hate to leave this beautiful spot, but the good Lord willing we will be back next year.  Ike joins me in warm best wishes to you and Freddie.






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