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Early Connecticut Ephemera (1802)

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Promissory note signed by David Trumbull (1751-1846) in favor of Jon Taintor in the amount of 50 pounds. Note is signed by David Trumbull and counter-signed by John G.W. Trumbull (1787-1853) and Jon McClellan (1767-1858).  Overall dimensions are 6.5″x4″. Interesting bit of early Americana.

DAVID TRUMBULL was born in Lebanon, CT, the third son of Jonathan Trumbull, Sr., and Faith Robinson Trumbull.  He spent most of his life as a farmer, although he served in the Revolutionary War at the War Office as his father’s right-hand man. During the War, David helped his father raise and equip troops; he handled the forwarding of supplies not only to the land and naval forces of the states, but also to the entire northern army.  David served as Assistant Commissary-General under his brother, Joseph Trumbull. It was during the hostilities on December 6, 1778, that David married Sarah Backus, daughter of Ebenezer and Eunice Dyer Backus of Norwich. Trumbull spent the remainder of his life after the war in Lebanon where he was active in local affairs and went twice to the General Assembly as Lebanon’s representative.

JONATHAN G.W. TRUMBULL was the great grandson of Governor Trumbull.  He served in the Connecticut Legislature.

JON McCLELLAN was the son of General Samuel McClellan. He graduated from Yale in 1787. He went on to Norwich to study law under Governor Huntington and Charles Church Chandler.  Admitted to the bar in 1787. For some 20 years he was a member of the Connecticut State Legislature. In 1786 he married; his mother in law being the daughter of the elder Governor Trumbull.  He died in Woodstock.

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