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American who, while serving as a physician with the US Navy in Southeast Asia, became famous for his humanitarian and anti-Communist activities. Early death from cancer.

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Dooley authored three popular books that described his activities in Vietnam and Laos:  Deliver Us From Evil, The Edge of Tomorrow, and The Night they Burned the Mountain. These books were later collected into a single volume and published as Dr. Tom Dooley’s Three Great Books.

Dooley operated several CIA-funded clinics in Laos.  The military policy Dont’ Ask, Don’t Tell came too late for Dooley.  A 700-page investigative report had been prepared that led to his being forced to resign his Naval Commission in 1956 due to alleged homosexuality.

Contemporary researchers have come to believe that much of what Dooley wrote was apocryphal — rather exaggerated testimony owing to his anti-Communist stance.  He was greatly supported in his endeavors by Cardinal Francis Spellman, archbishop of New York, who administered last rites to Dooley.

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