We offer autograph merchandise in several areas: Black Americana; 20th century poets and authors; Religion; Vintage Hollywood; American history; and other offerings such as classical and pop music, (including opera, Broadway).

Collecting autographs can be rewarding. Young collectors learn how to write a good request letter; use online and print biographical sources; become familiar with current events and history makers; and acquire skills of organization, preservation principles and ways to exhibit. As they advance in the hobby they can trade or sell autographs.

Some individuals collect for investment. Many autographs outperform stocks, (particularly material of historical greats) but we recommend that people collect that which interests them. If an autograph increases in value over time, it is icing on the cake.

Beginning collectors, or hobbyists, often are generalists. They collect signatures, signed photos and memorabilia of achievers from a variety of fields. As the collector “matures,” the tendency is to become a specialist: focusing on one or two areas and acquiring as much knowledge as possible in specific categories.

We began collecting autographs in 1961. Sixteen years later we were actively buying and selling. It has been a wonderful journey. We would be pleased to collaborate with you in acquiring material and developing a collection of enduring value.