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VON PREYSING, Conrad Cardinal (1880 – 1950)



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Bishop of Berlin. Elevated to the cardinalate in 1946.

SIG – Vintage fountain pen ink signature on a small sheet of paper. Sufficient room for matting. Accompanied by a 3.5”x5” black/white litho print photo postcard from an original by Galickler Eichstatt. Signature below the image is a facsimile print.

With his fight against National Socialism and Communism, von Preysing was “an example in faith and in the struggle against dehumanizing ideologies even for today,” said the Eichstaetter Bishop Gregor Maria Hanke at a ceremony for a book presentation in his upper Bavarian episcopal city.  “He had the courage not to trust the mainstream but, rather, to obey God’s will and to walk along a path straight to God…”

In 1933, Adolf Hitler was appointed Chancellor of Germany. A stern opponent of the Nazi regime, von Preysing admonished “We have fallen into the hands of criminals and fools” when the party came to power.  Preysing was one of the most firm and consistent of senior Catholics to oppose the Nazis, and was loathed by Hitler, who said “the foulest of carrion are those who come clothed in the cloak of humility and the foulest of these Count Presying! What a beast!”.

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