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REISACH, Karl August von Cardinal (1800-69)

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Bavarian-born cardinal. Rector of the Urban College of Propaganda Fide. Went on to hold numerous curial posts: Sac. Congr. of Extraordinary Ecclesiastical Affairs; Supreme Sac. Congr. of the Inquisitions; Sac. Congr. of the Index.

ALS – Autograph Letter Signed, one page, 1865, untranslated Italian to a monsignor. Merits further research.

Created a cardinal in 1855. Resigned pastoral government of the diocese of Eischtãtt and took up residence in Rome. Was the negotiator of the concordat with Baron Adolph von Ow of Wurtember, 1956.  Negotiator of the concordat with Baden, 1859. Named Prefect of the Sac. Congr. for the Correction of Books of the Oriental Church. Member of the preparatory council of the First Vatican Council, 1865. Negotiator of the agreement with the Emperor of France concerning the political affairs of the Papal States. Named Camerlengo of the Sacred College of Cardinals 1867-68. Participated in the First Vatican Council, 1869 and a member of its presidency.

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