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Oppizzoni, Carlo Cardinal (1769-1855)

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Italian cardinal; archbishop of Bologna; archchancellor of the Pontifical University of Bologna.

DS – Document Signed, one page, 1845, written on the letterhead of the Pontifical University of Bologna (Oppizzoni was archchancellor of the university at the time). Reads:  Approbation is granted to assume the teaching duties of Professor Valorani when he is prevented from so doing.  Most Excelletn Doctor, I am happy to tell you that I granted approbation so that every time Professor Valorani is unable to teach, you may replace him according to what is outlined in the decree of the Sacred Congregation of  Study. Dated 2 September 1833. Oddly, this document is signed 31 January 1845 by Oppizzoni, addressed to Doctor Ulisse Breventani, Bologna.  It must be a reiteration of an earlier grant of approbation to replace a professor.

Oppizzoni was the son of Count Francesco Oppizzoni and Marchese Paolo Trivaulzio. He earned a doctorate in theology and canon law at the University of Pavia. Ordained in 1793 and, in 1799, named a leader of the Chapter of Canons of the Cathedral of Milan.

In 1802, Oppizzoni was named archbishop of Bologna. Two years later Pope Pius VII raised him to cardinal. Napoleon named him senator in his arranged Kingdom of Italy, and a member of the Order of the Iron Crown.  However, he attempted to resist some of the political maneuvers of Napoleon and, in 1808, tried to restore the rights of the church and refused to attend the wedding of Napoleon with Marie Louise Habsburg in 1810. This led to his being imprisoned in the Castle of Vincennes for nearly five years.

Oppizzoni fulfilled several roles in the subsequent papal administrations, mostly while residing in Bologna.  He also served as a papal legate in various provinces.


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