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JORIO, Domenico Cardinal (1867-1954)

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Italian cardinal; Prefect of the Congregation for Discipline of Sacraments. Created a cardinal in 1935 by Pope Pius XI.

ALS – Autograph Letter Signed, two sides of imprinted curial letterhead. Dated 24 November 1925. Appears to be some administrative matter pertaining to faculties granted by a bishop.  Very good.

A SAD FOOTNOTE IN CHURCH HISTORY.  Jorio served as head of the Vatican’s Congregation for Discipline of the Sacraments during Italy’s fascist era. Based upon documents recently brought to light by an Italian historian, we now know that Jorio once advised Pope Pius XI to approve a fascist proposal to ban mixed-race marriages, on the grounds of “hygienic and social reasons” as well as “increased moral deficiencies in the character of the offspring.”

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