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Innitzer, Theodor (Doktor-Kardinal) (1875-1955)

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Archbishop of Vienna. Created a cardinal in 1933.

DS – Document Signed, one page, being an official appointment of a priest, Kaplan Franz Domes, (possibly the son of trade unionist and politician Franz Domes, Sr.) by Cardinal Innitzer. Boldly signed by Innitzer in fountain-pen ink dated 27 April 1946.

Cardinal Innitzer’s ambiguous relationship with the Nazi regime brought him a lot of criticism after WWII (he was irreverently referred to as the Heil Hitler Cardinal). During the War, Innitzer was critical of the anti-Semitic and racist policies of the Nazis toward the Austrian Jews and also the Catholic gypsies of the Austrian countryside. He openly, although moderately, supported the war effort against the Soviet Union, however. Years before he had campaigned against Soviet policies. In 1933, based on data collcted by undercover investigation and photographs, Cardinal Innitzer sought to raise awareness in the West of the many deaths by hunger and even cases of cannibalism that were occurring in the Ukraine and the North Caucasus at the time.

In 1963, Otto Preminger brought to the screen Henry Morton Robinson’s acclaimed 1953 novel The Cardinal, starring Thomas Tryon as the American Stephen Cardinal Fermoyle. The novel and film reference an attack on the archbishop’s residence by a group of Nazi youths, resulting in personal injury to the cardinal’s staff and serious damage to the first floor of the episcopal palace.

Nota bene:  elsewhere in this catalogue we have an uncommon, first edition of Henry Morton Robinson’s book The Cardinal, into which is tipped a two-page autograph letter letter of Robinson with superb content.

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