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GRASSELLINI, Gaspare Cardinal (1796 – 1875)

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Italian cardinal and celebrated church historian-author.

LS – Letter Signed, 2 January 1846. Addressed to Count Giovanni Massei of Bologna. Massei was a distinguished lawyer and Prince of Lucca. (Cardinal Grasselini was the son of a high court justice). Address panel has nearly-intact red wax seal.

Grasselini began his ecclesiastical career as a referendary prelate and relator of the Sacred Congregation of Good Government.  He went on to serve as Apostolic Delegate in Ascoli and Ancona.  He was promoted to cleric of the Apostolic Chamber 1837-47. Pro-President of the Congregation of the Census. Governor of Rome and vice-camerlengo of the Church. Commissary extraordinary in the four legations of Bologna.

He was created a cardinal-deacon in 1856. Participant in the First Vatican Council (1869-70).

Grassellini was a renowned scholar particularly in the academics of history and the humanities. He published several books and led many conferences, often making speeches in papal audience.

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