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Dziwisz, Stanislaw Cardinal (1939 – )



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Polish cardinal. He became Archbishop of Kraków in 2005 (retired 2016). Longtime personal secretary to Pope St. John Paul II.

TLS – Typewritten Letter Signed, one page, 2011, in which he thanks an author for two books he has written on Pope Paul VI. He sends the author a second – class relic of Pope St. John Paul II (not included).

Dziwisz was the longtime and highly influential aide to Pope Saint John Paul II (one of the few people mentioned in the Pope’s will, where he was thanked for his almost 40 years of service to the pope), a friend of Pope Benedict XVI, and an ardent supporter of John Paul’s beatification.

Despite an illustrious ecclesiastical career in Rome and Poland, his ministry was overshadowed by two scandals: (1) alleged coverup of the investigation into charges of child abuse by Benedictine cardinal Hans Hermann Groēr and (2) abuse of children by Macial Maciel Degollado of Mexico, founder of the Legions of Christ who also was charged with having fathered several children.

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