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Dziwisz, Stanislaw Cardinal (1939- )



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Polish cardinal. Appointed Archbishop of Krakow in 2005. Created a cardinal in the papal consistory of 2006.

TNS – Typewritten Note Signed – Color Christmas card with typewritten note on interior left panel.  Interior right panel bears a facsimile greeting and signature. Letter to left bears an authentic signature of Cardinal Dziwisz.  Reads:  Dear Sir, I wish you all the joys of Christmas — a joy that lies in your heart. May the love of Christ be with you all through 2015.  I greet you from my heart and entrust you to the care of St. John Paul’s intercession.

Dziwisz served Karol Wojtya (Pope St. John Paul II) for 40 years. He was one of the few individuals mentioned in the popes will. Dziwisz said Pope Wojtyla decided not to step down from the Throne of Peter even as he neared the end of his life because he was convinced that one doesn’t come down from the cross.

Ironically, John Paul II even consulted the future Pope Benedict XVI, who was a close collaborator of his, about his decision to continue as leader of the Catholic Church despite his illness.

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