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Capecelatro, Orat., Alfonso Cardinal (1824-1912)



This item donated to the Vatican Library (10/2017).

Italian cardinal; son of the Duke of Castelpagano and marchis of Ripa. Vice-librarian and Librarian of the Holy Roman Church. Archbishop of Capua. Created a cardkinal in 1885. Celebrated author.

ALS – Autograph Letter Signed, two pages, 1866, a very early letter while a young priest doing pastoral work in the Archdiocese of Naples. Written to a priest-mentor in which he thanks him for the gift of books and discusses other subjects. Untranslated Italian.  For a nominal sum we can provide a summary or complete translation of this letter.

Capecelatro was an elegant and prolific writer who published dozens of works in Catholic doctrine and morals, and especially in ecclesiastical history and biographies of leading Catholic figures (St. Catherine of Siena), two volumes on the doctrine of the Catholic faith; (life of St. Philip Neri).


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