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BAGGIO, Sebastiano Cardinal (1913-93)

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Italian cardinal; Apostolic Delegate to Canada and Papal Nuncio to Brazil. Council Father (1962-65).

MS – Manuscript; two sides of his imprinted biglietto, 1964, as apostolic nuncio in Brazil. Untranslated Italian.  Accompanied by a small reprint image.

Baggio also served as papal nuncio in Chile (1953). He was appointed Prefect of the Sacred Congregation for Bishops (1973). Went on to serve as special envoy to the Bolivian Eucharistic Congress, Quito, Ecuador (1974). Also special envoy to the Ninth Brazilian National Eucharistic Congress (1975). Appointed one of three presidents of the Pontifical Commission for the State of Vatican City.

Nota bene: Of particular interest is the fact that Baggio graduated from the School of Paleography, diplomacy and library science of the Vatican. Why he didn’t end up Prefect of the Vatican Library or Prefect of the Secret Archives is anyone’s guess!

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