Can You Ever Forgive Me, an uncanny portrayal of struggling New York celebrity biographer Lee Israel, is quite a departure for funny woman Melissa McCarthy. McCarthy brilliantly captures the desperation and pathos of Israel who, fallen behind in rent with a sick cat, turns to a life of forgery. What makes the story particularly interesting (and, to some dealers, revolting) is that Israel authored a book after her exposure and, quite possibly, became something of a minor celebrity in her own right. In our many years of buying and selling, we have come across a few of Israel’s forgeries.  Fortunately, we were able to detect them before offering them to clients.  Some distinguished dealers weren’t quite so lucky. One of Israel’s literary targets was playwright-novelist Edna Ferber.  We are fortunate to say that we have two (2) Edna Ferber autograph pieces, neither of which was forged by Israel.