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ALDOBRANDINI, Pietro Cardinal (1571-1621)

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Italian cardinal; nephew of Pope Clement VIII. Archbishop of Ravenna; cardinal at the age of 24. Camerlengo of the Apostolic Palace. Governor of Fermo. Legate a latere of the papal army in Ferrara. Accompanied the queen of Spain on her voyage from Ferrara to Milan.Together with Cardinal Cinzio, Pietro Aldobrandini was named cardinal nipote, or secretary of state, gradually taking over the affairs of the papal court.

L.S. – Letter Signed 1595, one page with integral address panel and nice paper-wax embossed seal. Addressed to Angelo Ceci, (1530-1606) Bishop of Todi or to a military captain (unsure). At the time that this letter was written, Cardinal Aldobrandi was heavily engaged in negotiations with Arnaud d’Ossat (French diplomat and writer) concerning the “rehabilitation” of King Henry IV of France (SEE “Henry IV of France and the Politics of Religion: the Path to Rome” by Nicola Mary Sutherland. Curious letter in which he states that he is aware of the imprisonment (house arrest?) of (Se)Bastiano di Filippo from Acquasparta. di Filippo was either traveling home when he was abducted by knife or was arrested because he was bearing a knife or sword. Cardinal Aldobrandini thinks that diFilippo should be released from prison. Theoretically speaking, there were great concerns at this time for travelers throughout Italy, who often fell prey to brigands. Our Bastiano may have been identified as a highwayman. He must have been known to Cardinal Aldobrandini or was brought to his attention.

Aldobrandini negotiated the rehabilitation of King Henri IV of France and the addition of Ferrara to the Papal States. Legate a latere to bless the marriage of King Henri IV of France and Caterina de’ Medici in Florence, September 25, 1600. At the same time, he was named legate before King Henri IV of France and all the other kings and princes that would participate in the termination of the war started between France and the duke of Savoy for the marquisate of Saluzzo; the legation ended successfully on March 26, 1601. Grand penitentiary, 1602 until May 1605. Prefect of the Tribunal of the Apostolic Signature. Opted for the order of cardinal priests and the title of S. Pancrazio, June 14, 1604. Poet Torquato Tasso dedicated the work Discorsi del poema eroico to him.

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