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Addams, Jane (1860-1935)

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Pioneer American settlement social worker, public philosopher, sociologist, author, and leader in women’s suffrage and world peace.

Vintage signature on a sheet of stationery, penning Faithfully yours, Jane Addams, Hull House, Chicago. Written on the personal letterhead of Dr. Flemming Carrow, Silver Birch Fruit Farm, Travers City, MI.  Accompanied by a small black and white vintage reproduction glossy image. Professionally matted with a set of mint US commemorative stamps.

In an era when presidents such as Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson identified themselves as reformers and social activists, Addams was one of the most prominent reformers of the Progressive Era.  She helped turn America to issues of concern to mothers, such as the needs of children, local public health, and world peace.

Addams said that if women were to be responsible for cleaning up their communities and making them better places to live, they needed to be able to vote to do so effectively. She became a role model for middle-class women who volunteered to uplift their communities.  She is increasing being recognized as a member of the American pragmatist school of philosophy.

In 1931, Addams became the first American woman to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize and is recognized as the founder of the social work profession in the United States.

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